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   Well well well, there is a surprise :) new release. Of course most users will use mplayer or xine - yet there is a still small place for aviplay :) So those of you, who are missing it on the latest distros, this version should be compilable with some very latest compilers and libraries. Of course, the ffmpeg is kept in sync, yet now some options are missing for this moment. It will be updated over the time. Let's hope new release will be in this year ;).


   Ok, not really that alive as it used to be :) - but still some updates are being made to this project. As many people often tend to use some old tarballs instead of CVS, here goes the latest greatest snapshot from CVS.
BTW if there is anyone who could give me an account on some machine connected to fast network with sshd running on port 443 which could be used freely - that would be nice.


   Somewhat delayed news info :). Ok there is new release dated 20030710 - it appears to be uncompilable by older gcc however. (It's using some C99 feature unsupported by gcc-2.95 and older) I'll try to 'shortly' release newer version. As usually users of CVS shouldn't see such problem.


   Hmm - such a long time between releases. This time it should be slightly easier to compile (libmad does not need separate configure call anymore). Also quite a few new codecs via ffmpeg have been added (I guess the most famous one is SVQ3 aka Sorrenson3 - but do not get too excited here :) it will play something, but audio is currently out of synch for mov streams. (check other players like xine,mplayer - they should be playing such files already (movie trailers usually)). Some updates could be also found within the avicap tool as well. It's worth to note that for AAC support user has to install libfaad library. And as always - unreported problem will get hardly fixed!


   New snashot which fixes the problem with Xft usage. (It has got lost somehow with previous cleanup). Also it's now building more shared libs - so it should be more easily visible which libraries are used - it might eventually later use them from system if they will be present (and avoid it's building). But so far their API is changing so fast it wouldn't make much sence to use them as they would work just for 2 weeks.


   Updated snapshot which - as usual fixes bugs (and as always I'm amazed long some of them could be there for such a long time). Also I think there is potential danger that these snapshots are one of the latest 0.7 releases. The question is whatever it would be worth to continue with 0.8 - or directly switch to ffmpeg - add some code to use win32 libs and use just threaded core of avifile. It's not very practical to develop such a huge project as a one-man show - it's really time consuming and keeping thing compatible makes it even harder - version 0.8 wouldn't be probably compatible anyway. Users might express their opinion on avifile list (well if there are actually still some of them :))


   New release which is fixing compilation problem with duplicated file entry.


   Anonymous CVS works again. Todays snapshot is meant to be sync point for new Debian package released, also one stupid bug has been fixed for asf playback. Also there have been made some linking changes which should possibly better work in 'plugin' mode - i.e. when avifile itself would be used as plugin - those who cares - let me know if it gets better...


   As SourceForge seems to have some problems with pserver support according to their statements I've prepared new release which is probably worth of upgrading to.


   Ok we have new year so it would be good idea to put here new version. Hopefully this time support for subtitles should be restored. Option for selecting codepage has been added -subcp or --subtitle_codepage i.e. -subcp cp1250 or -subcp default (your locale settings will be used then). Also note that file with subtitles now has to be specified with option -sub filename.sub (or they are eventualy autoloaded). This is because avifile could open multiple files (i.e. aviplay *.avi) and it wouldn't be easy to deside which file has been mean as subtitle file. This release contains fresh fmpeg checkout with WMV2 native decoder as well. Also this release should better handle recent update of libxft.


   CVS version now fully supports all the latest WM9 video/audio formats. Enjoy.


   Released new quick snapshot for those who wants to try-out WMV9. It should also fix few reported compilations problems.


   Oops... I did it again as well - sorry I had to simply say that this way after reading mplayer's info page.
So what's the new hot feature of avifile - well recently M$ introduced new format Windows Media Video 9 - and until today you couldn't have view such movie on Linux easily - now at least x86 users could be happy. The new support for DMO (Direct Media Object) interface starts to be usable in avifile. Now let's just wait for Sorenson3 support from MP-Team as this might probably push me to enable support for Qt format.


   There is now new hotfix release for version 0.7.17 which basicaly makes it usable with certain systems. Sometimes it's hard to check all kind of options' combination. So hopefully those who have had building problems with avifile or their aviplay has been crashing during startup this new release should help.


   In download section there is new version of avifile which finaly replaces problematic 0.7.16 release. As it could be seen in previous news entry it contains the latest ffmpeg code with WMA software decoder. Also cropping is now supported for RGB modes (though not all items in player's menu works at this moment). Also I've finaly enabled ffmpeg DR1 method rendering so also users could use it. (There were some problems which had to be resolved first so there will be no major problems. And as always user could enable/disable this at runtime).


   As of today you could finaly play all your WMA files without the need to use Win32 dll library - as ffmpeg now contains decoder for this audio format in source form. So just enjoy.


   Hallo again. There was not much things going on lately. For this moment at least CVS version seems to be again compilable by latest compilers. There are being added some new features. Users may try to play multiple files (i.e. aviplay 1.avi 2.avi *.asf - using Insert/Delete for prev/next file) Also there is some support for image croping - thus users may turn 2:1 movies into 4:3 one (at this moment you have to disable preserve aspect ratio in preferencies and it works just in hw YUV mode). Another new feature would be full support for command line option settings - almost every single option should be selectable also from command line - though it's a little bit complicated - but --help should be a little bit helpfull - of course there are yet some bugs some not everything will work properly.


   Released new snapshot as we have Friday 13th :). It contains support for VIDIX - usable only with ROOT privileges so it's dangerous to use - so do not use it on any box which has some sensitive data - you have been warned!


   Avifile from now supports VIDIX (comes from mplayer and mplayerxp).- it provides it own copy of mplayerxp vidix source tree (hopefully it will stay in sync with it's original). To use VIDIX at this moment user has to run aviplay with root priviledges - this should change sooner or later. Before there will be new snapshot however some new options has to be added to configure and this will take some time - meanwhile if you will experience any problem which might have been introduced with this extension do not wait and report your problem on avifile list. At this moment users could just hope the right driver will be selected for their system there is no way to select driver.


   Ok so far it looks like something really bad happend to our mail-list server located at Germany - if there is something urgent - users could use


   Released version 0.7.15 with some memory leak fixes. This player fully support TV Nova archive so people could see how just the flooding ( povodne) looks like.


   Released version 0.7.14 with some more networking code updates.

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