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   Hotfix relase for some reported problems.


   Todays release might be called 'Win32 fixup' release as it fixes most of the known to us problems which have been causing either memory leaks or even core dumps. Also avicap generaly works - of course without bugreports we will not know about bugs, that only you might be experiencing. This version also includes plain C version of Direct Show filter - so programs using this code do not have to use C++ anymore if they do not have use it for other parts of the code.


   This release in download section is mainly intented to fix some stupid bugs introduced in the previous snapshot. As a feature of the day user may enjoy audio stream switching in runtime - you may vote for a keystroke to switch between streams. Anyway is there some known widely accepted standard set of them ? I do not like to put some random confusing key combination into the player - so we expect some hints from users here... Most usualy I'm trying to stay compatible with Xawtv. Right now I think that shift+'1' for the first channel looks reasonable.


   New snapshot - many of bugfixes as usually - including solution for popup window problem with latest Qt libraries. Big thanks for this fixs belongs to the TrollTech support. Though there are still some remaining problems with font names and Qt3 libraries.


   CVS constain MAD audio decoder plugin. Also some fix for parsing some avi streams has been added which might fix some problems with badly played MP3 files.


   New CVS snapshot is available in download section which resolve several know compilation problems. This version also fixes some problems with registry for Win32 codecs and supports DivX4 codecs settings for brightness, contrasts and saturation (for YUY2 and RGB modes). Should be also compilable with Qt3.0, but we still have unresolved problem with windows popup menu (appeared in Qt3.0-beta3).
   This version is probably the last one before we announce final 0.6. Note for developers: this version has important change in API - we are internaly using avm::string and avm::vector classes instead of those provided by STL - update is simple - just prefix all string and vector operations which are using avifile results with avm:: - we will try to hide their external usage as much as we can.


   We are trying to speedup compilation as the newest GCC seems to be somewhat brain damaged and with inclusion of simple STL headers is inserting over 600KB of code. As a result of these on going changes, the current CVS might have some problems - but also many part should be compiled significantly faster and will take much less space - Note - by default avifile is compiled with full debug info which takes a lot of space - so if you have reduced disk space - use --enable-release


   Put a new snapshot of CVS now with all Makefiles and configure scripts so it should be possible to build the archive even without autoconf tools. Also extended set of Win32 codecs is now available in download section.


   Released new CVS snapshost - available in download section This version should have improved audio-video synch - so if you were experiencing such problems and you are still using avifile let's try this version.


   Tragical day for the World history today.


   Some people have reported crashes of avicap when trying to change a codec. It is a bug that will be fixed ASAP. As a workaround you can try to start and then stop encoding before going to codec options.
   Also, don't get lost if you don't find ./configure in CVS snapshot ( some people do ). You should run ./ to generate it. If it fails for some reason, check for warning messages informing you about files that exist in both /usr/share/aclocal and /usr/local/share/aclocal. If this does not help, send a complaint to Don't forget to mention versions of autoconf, automake and libtool installed on your system ( use standard --version command-line option to quickly look up version numbers ).


   Added support for vorbis audio streams (based on the work of mplayer team). Improtant change is removement of configure script from CVS so users which have had some problems with and could have used default configure script will be now pressed to report their problems (or use other players - like the one above).

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