Links - Alternative project site. - Qt widget library. - KDE video capture and TV tuner program. - MAD: MPEG Audio Decoder. - XAnim, multiplatform AVI player. - Video for Linux resources. - Xawtv - do I have to say more?

Other DivX;-)-related Linux projects - MPlayer, excelent movie player for linux.
http://www.Theorie.Physik.UNI-Goettingen.DE/~ostreich/transcode/ - Transcode - command line utility for movie conversions - Xine - video player. -XviD - video encoding library. - another video player (Gnome). - Mpeglib, a mp3 and mpeg I video/audio library. - XMMS AVI plug-in. - MPEG-1/AVI player in GTK+. - a tool which enables you to record television programs with your Video4Linux TV card trough a web browser. - 'Digital Video Recorder', KDE-based video capture program. - Audio codecs.
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